Commit 621e2616 authored by frjo's avatar frjo
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Issue #1891780 by bisonbleu: Undefined property nid in colorbox_handler_field_colorbox().

parent 5ac143d3
......@@ -186,7 +186,11 @@ If you would like to have the characters %5B and %5D please use the html entity
// Remove any parameters that aren't set.
$link_options['query'] = array_filter($link_options['query']);
$link_tag = l($link_text, 'node/' . $values->nid, $link_options);
// If the nid is present make the link degrade to the node page if
// JavaScript is off.
$link_target = isset($values->nid) ? 'node/' . $values->nid : '';
$link_tag = l($link_text, $link_target, $link_options);
// The outside div is there to hide all of the divs because if the specific Colorbox
// div is hidden it won't show up as a Colorbox.
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