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Issue #3242626 by phenaproxima, tedbow, TravisCarden: Determine how to...

Issue #3242626 by phenaproxima, tedbow, TravisCarden: Determine how to identify core Composer packages
parent 898d602c
......@@ -184,29 +184,17 @@ class Updater {
$data = file_get_contents($composer);
$data = Json::decode($data);
// @todo Find some way to either use a canonical list of packages that are
// part of core, or use heuristics to detect them in the lock file (e.g.,
// any package which starts with 'drupal/core-' and is a Composer plugin
// or metapackage).
$core_packages = ['drupal/core', 'drupal/core-recommended'];
$requirements = array_keys($data['require']);
// Ensure that either drupal/core or drupal/core-recommended are required
// by the project. If neither is, then core will not be updated, and we
// consider that an error condition.
$core_requirements = array_intersect($core_packages, $requirements);
$requirements = array_keys($data['require']);
$core_requirements = array_intersect(['drupal/core', 'drupal/core-recommended'], $requirements);
if (empty($core_requirements)) {
throw new \LogicException("Drupal core does not appear to be required in $composer.");
// Also detect core's Composer plugins, so they can be updated if needed.
$core_packages = array_merge($core_packages, [
return array_intersect($core_packages, $requirements);
$list = file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/../core_packages.json');
return array_intersect(Json::decode($list), $requirements);
namespace Drupal\Tests\automatic_updates\Kernel;
use Drupal\Component\Serialization\Json;
use Drupal\KernelTests\KernelTestBase;
use Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;
* Tests that core's Composer packages are properly accounted for.
* In order to identify which Composer packages are part of Drupal core, we need
* to maintain a single hard-coded list (core_packages.json). This test confirms
* that the list mentions all of the Composer plugins and metapackages provided
* by Drupal core.
* @todo Move this test, and the package list, to a more central place in core.
* For example, the list could live in core/assets, and this test could live
* in the Drupal\Tests\Composer namespace.
* @group automatic_updates
class CorePackageManifestTest extends KernelTestBase {
* Tests that detected core packages match our hard-coded manifest file.
public function testCorePackagesMatchManifest(): void {
// Scan for all the composer.json files of said metapackages and plugins,
// ignoring the project templates. If we are not running in git clone of
// Drupal core, this will fail since the 'composer' directory won't exist.
$finder = Finder::create()
->in($this->getDrupalRoot() . '/composer')
// Always consider drupal/core a valid core package, even though it's not a
// metapackage or plugin.
$packages = ['drupal/core'];
foreach ($finder as $file) {
$data = Json::decode($file->getContents());
$packages[] = $data['name'];
// Ensure that the packages we detected matches the hard-coded list we ship.
$manifest = file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/../../../core_packages.json');
$manifest = Json::decode($manifest);
$this->assertSame($packages, $manifest);
......@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ class UpdaterTest extends AutomaticUpdatesKernelTestBase {
// git clone of Drupal core, so they will be included when determining
// which core packages to update.
// @see \Drupal\automatic_updates\Updater::getCorePackageNames()
$stager->stage($command, Argument::cetera())->shouldBeCalled();
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